Who we are

Admind is international, borderless branding & communication agency, whose priority is to develop innovative and creative solutions together with the largest corporations. 

We are proud to invite you to work for international clients in a professional and creative atmosphere. We are looking for someone who loves big brands and working in an inspiring company culture. 

Read more about us at www.admindagency.com.

Job offers

Strategic Planner
Business Development
Project Manager (with Mandarin Chinese)
Client Services
Content Manager
Business Development
Senior Graphic Designer&Team Leader (Principles Team)
Creative Services
Graphic Designer
Creative Services
Business Development Manager (Creative Labs)
Creative Labs
Creative Services
Project Manager
Client Services
Web Content Manager
Client Services
Presentation Designer
Presentation Design
Other Positions

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Recruitment process

Our recruitmnet process was created to know you better as a professional and a person and give you full understanding of our company and your potential role.

Depending on the position you are applying for, the process may be a little different.

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